Thanks to Yana at ManyChat for her help!

ManyChat Send SMS App Notes by Angela Allan

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This guide is for you if you wish to connect your ManyChat account to use the Send SMS App as well as use native SMS within ManyChat, to send to two countries (ie. if your page is based in Australia, you can use native ManyChat SMS integration to send to your Aussie subscribers, and use Send SMS App to send to your US subscriber base).

I did this for US and Australia as my page is Australian, so I use SMS natively within ManyChat for those subscribers, then for my US subscribers, I use Send SMS app and rent a US number.

You will need 2 phone numbers (for example: one Aussie, and one US) because there are lot of cases regarding international SMS including country restrictions and telecom operator rules.


You will be able to send to everyone in those two countries even if you have previously requested SMS consent and have it already stored in ManyChat.

Apps are integrated with

To use these apps you need 3rd-party account.

Important concepts:

name or number from which message is sent, Sender, or Sender ID, or Originator.

It can be your name, business name, product name